By Liam J.S.


Vicarious (by Tool)

My cover of the song “Vicarious” by Tool was recorded using acoustic guitar and my voice. I chose this song because Tool is a progressive metal band known for their experimentation with odd rhythms and time signatures. They were also very influential to my album, and the song seemed to fit the theme of my album, as it is also in 5/4 time, and features very bizarre rhythms. I added lots of delay and reverb to both the guitar and my voice, so it gives a very dark quality to the song, fitting of the dark lyrics. The lyrics may be about death and violence, but they are protesting the media’s portrayal of violence, not supporting it, so I found them very justified.

My version of the song mirrors the original as far as structure of the sections, but I have altered the style. The original is recorded with heavy metal guitars, while mine is a slightly distorted acoustic. I also don’t have any bass or drums, and have drastically altered the vocals. The original only contains one vocal line with occasional harmonies, where I have recorded and overlapped myself to provide two to three part harmonies throughout the song. I have also shortened it so it is only around three minutes, not over seven like the original.


All songs written by Liam J.S. except for "Vicarious" written by Tool.

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