By Liam J.S.


About the Project

For my personal project, I have defined my goal as to record a musical album. I will record myself, using only my own instrumentation, except for one song, which will be a cover of another band, but will still be played, modified and recorded by me. I will not use 4/4 time as the primary time signature in any of my songs, except the cover song, and will provide background information on the songs, complicated rhythms and techniques used.

This project relates to Human Ingenuity in almost every aspect. Every part of this project demands of me to create new and interesting songs, new rhythms, new styles, all produced by my own imagination. One of the most creative aspects of this project is the concept of not using 4/4 time. I feel that modern music is constrained by the same old 4/4 pattern and four piece band. Through this project, I am not only creating songs, I am trying to forge a new path, and inspire others to become detached from the idea that songs must always be the same time signatures, the same instruments, the same style.

All of the songs will be written and developed using the programs Audacity and Line 6 Gearbox. Each song will be an individual entity, so they will not be produced all in the same way. Despite this, each song will have the same phases of development: experimenting, planning, expanding and finalizing. For some songs, this whole process may take months, for others much shorter. Although there is a great variance in the production of each song, the final product will be a finished album, and as songs are developed they will be influenced by the other songs, giving the album a unifying tone.


All songs written by Liam J.S. except for "Vicarious" written by Tool.

All songs recorded and played by Liam J.S.

©2010 by Liam J.S.