By Liam J.S.



Many of the songs were written very differently from each other. Some were written directly to a score, other remained entirely in my head, and others still were just brief chords written on paper. All of the songs started off with one core idea, but were developed into completely different ideas after multiple times recording and revising them. Recording was almost more of a writing process than a finalizaing process, it helped me harness new ideas and take my work in a new direction.

A common theme throughout the album is that I used primarily acoustic instruments, but modified and distorted them to seem foreign. I love acoustic instruments so much due to their tone, body and resonance, and wanted to capture this richness while still experimenting with different effects and amplifications. The resulting product is that I have odd, bizarre instrumentation with delay, reverb and other aspects, but it maintains its richness and body, not becoming flat like many electric instruments do. If I were able, I would have loved to use solely acoustic instruments, but some of them required much more technical and clean recordings, which resulted in my use of the electric guitar, which although not acoustic, still takes soul and human energy to create sound.



All songs written by Liam J.S. except for "Vicarious" written by Tool.

All songs recorded and played by Liam J.S.

©2010 by Liam J.S.