Home port in Stockholm

Shows where Skidbladner is docked. Shows where airport bus stops. This information is current as of March 2000.
Home port map of Stockholm
Home port map of Stockholm (zoom in)
Home port map of Stockholm (zoom in more)
 An active map of Stockholm.
Another map of Stockholm.

Kaupang (an old viking trade center)

Kaupang home page. vkart map.

Find attached a navigation map with two way points: and a guide in the best route in to kaupang. south way point: N:58:57,0` E:10:06,0` (degrees and minutes) North way point: N:59:00,42´ E:10:04,3´ And the blue arrow is Kaupang. Note you should keep more east than the blue line due to large ferry's.

One possible route.