Vinland in the Pacific - by Paul Demontigny

I made a new page on my theories if anyone is interisted, I placed it on a new server. The lost Vikings Living in a university town, I meet a lot of students and professors who totally accept my theories.  They look around the area and can clearly see how I was able to stumble on the viking site, even without having a p.h.d in archeology. Two students from school for field studies a branch of a Boston collage are taking this web to yale, were they live. They will seek out the vinland map and show them how it compares to vancouver island, their goal is to get them out here. I have also sent it to Sweden with a swedish exchange student, who also sees how this place has to be the real vinland. I have placed links to other webs relating to vinland. I placed john Harris's web in , even tough I still have not found the time to read it all, I find It very impressive. I feel John will eventually find the vinland settlement, even tough I have tried to tell him were the houses and kingdom is, I don't think he believed me, he thinks I'm going on arm chair theories based on a map i saw in a book . no offence John, but i found evidence of vikings long before i saw the vinland map. 48 degrees 47 minutes is vinland. They may have settled in Duncan but its not the vinland settlement. When i first found  evidence of vikings, it was in 1987. I went to the gov. but of course was  laughed at. I linked the vikings to an old mine, my mistake,  the logging company purposely buried the mine and began to log over every visible evidence of native's  relating to the mine. Its thirteen years later and the mountain behind the vinland site is now riddled in clear cuts and roads. this is what happens when someone without a degree finds somthing thats been lost.

Peter, I hope it's all right  to use one of your maps on this web, maby you can place this web link in your web site.

The stuff you sent me on the Spokane stone and kensington stone are like links in a chain. Tell me what you think of my link. The evidence keeps pilling up. Its part of a web site i'm working on, Im going to sell viking gemstones that i make myself. I have not sold any yet.

I spent time on the logging industry till all the old growth was gone ..then my job was gone. I have spent 12 years working on this with no payment, I'm curious if you know of any finders fees out there .If your group could help me find one I would share it with you. Or maybe you could help me sell the gem stones. To tell you the truth I am running out of options. This stuff lies unprotected under a blanket of forest and i'm broke. The village I live in [pop. 300] is 60 miles of gravel road to the nearest town, so you can see my options are limited. If your group could help me I would be in your debt.

Paul DeMontigny
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