Viking Vinland Center stone found

There is a Viking Rune stone in the very center of North America. Which means that all of North America was what the Vikings meant by the word Redminland.
The top part of the stone is lost, but I have translated the rest. It reads as follows:
My guess at the lost part of the stone is something like this:
... accross the 28 degrees to the western sea,
6 prairie and 22 mountain, I came by dog team to the west coast of Redminland (Oregon coast). Our settlement is located between two nude mountain ranges, one sailing day north of this latitude(Puget Sound Washington). We have great timber and fishing. (still today) In the year while coming here we passed thru 10 tribes of redskins from savage to educated.
(A)Completed (V)five before the (M)millenium. (995ad)
Signed Locksave the bad
This rune stone was found about 100 years ago. It is today called the Kensington Rune stone.
I have read that a Rune stone may give a different translation given a different context.
The context for my translation takes into account the fact that the stone was centered exactly half way between the north pole and the equator and exactly half way between the Atlantic ocean and the Pacific ocean.

Check out this map by xerox. It is a great place to know about.
The four marks are mine. Notice the two marks in the center. The bottom one is the exact center of North America. The top one is the location of Kensington Minn. The Runestone Park is 24 miles ENE of Kensington.
At one time this link created nice maps. Now it no longer works. But here is a copy of a map that I created.
Vinland center map