Viking Watch

The Vikings seemed to know where they were on the earth. Thus I invented a Viking watch so simple and so accurate that the Vikings could have used it and we would have missed it in our archaeological studies.
The parts that make up the Viking watch are as follows:
A sash. This is used to hold the second part.
The pendulum. This is made of wood and is about 14 inches long. The last three parts keep track of the time using beads on a string or knots on a string.
The hour necklace has 24 counter beads on it. With a special bead marking midnight and noon.
The minute necklace has 60 counters on it. I put a special counter ever ten minutes just see how I liked it. I also put a special counter on the necklace to mark the top of the hour.
The second necklace has 60 counter knots on it. It has one special marker to mark the top of the hour.
Viking watch, 9 inch picture