My first great grandchild was born this year.

On August 29th 2012
Eliana Cathryn Jasperse-Sjolander
was born to
Sean Jasperse-Sjolander
and his wife
Ashley Jasperse-Sjolander (Alverson)

Merry Christmas 2012

Have a fine holiday
and a Happy New Year in 2013.
Peter Sjolander
1518 W West Ave.
Fullerton, California 92833

By October 12th 2012
Eliana Cathryn Jasperse-Sjolander
is bright eyed
and bushy tailed.

Liam is now five inches taller than I am.

liam 2012 senior year in high school.
82 photos

Maria 2012.
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Peter's trip photos for the summer of 2012.
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Stephen Sjolander says...
That was way fun!
All of those women are Arthur Murray instructors.
The last one, Carolyn Dominguez, a traveling coach from the studio in Mesa, Arizona, I'd never danced with before.
It was the best Century Club party ever.

This is Charles' second song recording on You tube.
The collected 266 songs of Charles Sjolander.

Charles, Maria and Stephen. May 2012

I was on a bike ride in Cedar City, Utah. It had rained hard all night. This dam looked like a chocolate fountain.

Photos from my trips for the last ten years

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