Merry Christmas 2006
Have a fine holiday and a great year in 2007

Peter Sjolander
Fullerton, California USA

Milestone of the year.
My oldest grandson Sean graduated from High School.


I remember Sean before 2006

30 of grandson Sean's poems

40 of son Charles' songs
The first time I heard (My Mirror) it brought tears to my eyes.
My Mirror

Son Stephen's dance photos.

Summer of 2006 trip photos

Quall - Sjolander Reunion Summer 2007 in the midwest

My favorite photos of 2006

Thanksgivings in Santa Fe. Family photos by the ton.

2004 thanksgiving.
2005 thanksgiving has names with the photos
2006 thanksgiving with names

Previous Xmas cards

The year of the Skype.

Aurora and John talking to Grandpa Peter on the webcam phone. What fun.

photos from other people 2006