June 2004, I visit my new granddaughter Aurora.

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Aurora's first photo

Aurora's second photo

Aurora's third photo

Aurora meets grandmother Jacky and brother John

Jacky, John and his duck meet Aurora

Jacky meets her first granddaughter

High ranking Colorado athlete coached by Tom

Aurora one day old

Aurora at home with her dad and dog

Dog meets girl

Aurora, Tom and John

Aurora takes a nap on new daddy Tom


John with his new baby sister

Memorial Day 2004

Hi grandmother, I have a new sister

Aurora takes a nap on granddad's lap

Grandpa with all his grandkids

A whole sofa full of Kattnigs

Grandpa Peter showing grandson John how to use Paint software

I think the cat feels left out

Aurora at one week

Aurora awake at one week

John in his log cabin

John at his log cabin window

Aurora at her first picnic

Hold your head up for your photo

Grandpa Peter's feet make good rabbit ears for Aurora

Liam's band Mythe

Sean at his model table

Charles Sjolander June 2004

Charles and Kris at Garden of the Gods

Sean giving me a little grin

Sean intent on his work

Sean giving me a big grin

Liam the Mythe band master

Sjolander farm in Holmen Wisconsin photo from 1974

I love this photo. It gives me faith in the future.

Stephen with a dance partner 2004

John, Aurora and stick

John and Sleeping Beauty

John home from California

Stephen and John at the beach in California

John with Tom's dad

A big wheel to play in at the strip mine

Maria and John making dough

John in his room with his train

John on an Easter egg hunt

Maria and John doing photo art

Pigeon and John

John and kittens

Last summer when John was three

John and the Highway Patrol 911

When John gets bigger he may play football

A boy and his dog

A boy and his grandpa

Maria and John at Sea World California summer 2003

A boy and a girl

Cattlemen's Days 2003

A boy with his dad

May I eat my cake now?

Maria at Garden of the Gods

John and John Deere

John as ring bearer

Ring bearer and flower girl

The happy couple

Ride a wooden horse

This way daddy horse

Three generations of fishermen at the family fishing pond

John and the blue water

John in the tall grass

Maria with a group of her science students

John and a magic snow day