Who Am I? 

Name five words that describe yourself:

Tall, healthy, energetic, religious, and kind. 

List five things you’re known for.

Gardening, baking, cooking, artistic painting, and volunteering. 

What are your favorite hobbies?

Gardening and reading. 

Any favorite movies?

The Sound of Music; any sweet stories. 

Favorite restaurants?  Kentucky Fried Chicken, Old Country Buffet in Onalaska. 

Name some faults that YOU think you have: Maybe not being considerate enough, or not loving everyone. 

What do you like best about living in Tomah?

Small town, can walk almost anywhere, or drive just short distance, small church, I know everybody. 

When someone comes to town to visit you, what activities do you like to do?  Go to Burnstad’s, Amish Country Store, my church, to La Crosse. 

Name five things you do every day without fail:  Brush my teeth, wash my face and put on makeup, pull shades in evening, pick up and read my mail, read La Crosse newspaper. 

Name some things that make you mad: Neighbors’ dogs barking all night, mail carrier walking across my lawn, telephone calls for votes or solicitations, when I can’t remember names.


Who Am I? (continued) 

Name five things you would take with you if you were to be stranded on a desert island: Food, water, clothes, books, telephone. 

Do you have any bits of wisdom for future generations?  Study hard. Let God help in times of trouble.  Be careful about your choices, because you have to live with your mistakes. 

What types of jokes make you laugh?

Funny ones, some religious ones.  Here’s one of my favorites:  A man took his dog to the vet when it was sick.  He looked at the dog a few minutes, then left and came back with a cat.  The cat looked over the sick dog a few minutes, then left.  Then the vet left the room and came back with a Labrador Retriever who sniffed the sick dog a few minutes, then left.  The vet gave the man some pills for his dog and said “that’ll be $800”.  “What!!!” said the man, “how could it be #800!”  The vet said, “well it would only have been $60, but the cat scan and the lab test were really expensive.” 

Can you think of an embarrassing moment in your life that you can share? A few years ago, when I was in Pflugerville visiting Garry and Sandra, I was getting ready to leave for the airport and I was cleaning out my purse and checking my ticket and such.  Sandra and I headed to the airport to catch my flight and we were almost at the airport when I realized my purse wasn’t with me.  Oh my gosh, I’d left it on the kitchen countertop back at the house! We drove (really fast) back to the house, grabbed my purse and drove (really fast) BACK to the airport, and I was able to board the plane just in time.  It’s a 35 to 40 minute drive from Garry’s house to the airport, so it was really lucky that I made it in time.  (The same thing happened not long ago when trying to catch a plane in La Crosse; I left my purse at my house in Tomah.)



Did you know . . . ? 


* My favorite colors are yellow

      and fuschia. 

* My favorite foods are pork chops,

      potatoes, and ALL kinds of


* My favorite T.V. shows are Antique

      Roadshow, Dr. Phil, Lawrence Welk,

      and Danny O’Donald. 

* My favorite soap operas are The

      Young and the Restless, and

      The Guiding Light.



And did you know . . . ? 


* My favorite songs are the hymns from

      church: Amazing Grace, How Great Thou

      Art, and The Old Rugged Cross. 

* My favorite way to relax is to work

      in my garden. 

* I like to read religious stories and

      western books, the daily newspaper, and

      cooking and art magazines. 

* My best friends are my sister Janice,  Vernie Vanderwort from the beauty shop,  and Ann & Jim Wallace, my backyard