Thelma sent me 10 photos

They may cover 30 years.

Wendy: Give me all the help you can at names and dates.

Bill Melanie Chris Joyce 1978

1978, Melanie and her husband Steve

eilefs-house-near-ashland-wi 1978

kay-bill-thelma-in-ft-meyers-fl 1978

kurt 1978

luucian-and-bill-in-ft-meyers-fl 1978

Marie 1978

oley-and-marie 1970


wendy and Boomer 1978

This picture was at my dads (Eilef) place in Ashland WI.
I think it was Marieís B day. I took the picture.
Bottom row- Shawn Sjolander, Kurt Jr. Chris Sjolander ( my brother) Aunt Marie, and my beautiful mother(Joyce), who died in 1980 at age 42!!
Middle- Peggy ( Kurtís wife ) My sister Melanie, Bill and my Dad
Back- My bro Kurt , Melís husband Steve and Thelma.

Information by Wendy in 2006

P.S. Shawn Sjolander and Kurt Jr. are Kirt and Peggy's boys.