Karen Quall Sjolander's mother

From: Berdine Quall Connelly. jbc (at) stans.com

Peter Quall went back to Norway for a visit and this is a photo that Stan Quall says was taken of Peter's mother.

An interesting site is the 1801 Norwegian Census. Karen Quall Sjolander's and Peter Pederson Quall's ancestors are on there. One set of their mother Berta Andersdatter Suttestad Quall's grandparents, her mother, and siblings are on there. We have not found the other set for certain as yet. One of their father Peder Olson's grandmothers and a brother and possible half brother and his family are on it also.

Here is how to access each if you would like to find them.
Ole Eriksen Hoff (Quall)
Even Christensen HOven (Quall)
Hovel Bervensen (Hoff)
Ole Arnessen (Mathea Hoff's Grandparents and mother Eli)
Jacob Jenssen (Mathea Hoff's Grandparents and father Jens)
Home page address http://www.uib.no/hi/1801page.html 1801 Norwegian Census On the page hit translation into English. Then access the County Christians amt. Access the Parish of Birie Then check the House variable of "farm/house" You will find 2 Hovf farms. Access the Birie Hovf farm On that farm you will find Syver Eriksen, married. Ole Eriksen, 23 (Karen's grandfather) unmarried, and their mother Marte Larsdatter, a widow We do not have proof that they are living with Marte's older son. She could be mother of Syver as the head of the household. Go back to the Parish selection page. Select Faaberg Parish. Check the Farm/house selection again. Choose the Hoven farm. On the first one near the end of the entries is Even Christensen, his wife Anne Pedersdatter, and their children, including Mari Evendatter, Berta's mother. The picture of Berta was not taken in 1927, but brought back when Peter Quall went back to visit in 1927. A postcard had been made from her photograph. I do not know when the photo was taken.

Photo of Bertha (or Berta) Andersdatter Suttestad-Karen Quall Sjolander's mother- 1927