Some very old photos 1894 - 1952
collected by
my mother and father.
Frank and Hazel Sjolander.

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Bill and Anna Linnell my mother's parents.
This could be a wedding photo. 1894.
Black River Falls Wisconsin.
Grandmother Anna Linnell's maiden name was Gansel.
Anna was born to George V. Gansel and Cordancy Beaser
William and Anna Linnell were married in 1894.

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The George V. Gansel and Cordancy Beaser Family.
Grandmother Anna Linnell and her brothers and sisters.
Grandmother Anna is second from the left. ~1920
Gansel Family Black River Falls Wisconsin.

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Bill and Anna Linnell family.
My mother is the one standing between the two sitting. 1944
Black River Falls Wisconsin.
Clo has a napkin from their 50th wedding anniversary that says


From left to right: Ruth, Mamie Morscheck Beck (married twice), Ray, Hazel Sjolander, Lloyd, Beatrice Zharte (sp?), Kenneth?, Clarice Johnson, Arvalie Sanford, Bernard?, Dexter?.

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The back of the photo says...Albert
This is an early photo of my father's father.
His name was also Peter Albert Sjolander.
He went by the name Albert.
Born 1878 died 1926
In this photo he looks about 20 years old.
So the photo was taken about 1900.
Holmen Wisconsin.

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Peter (Me) at about six months.
Looks like someone was into art shots.
Back of photo says Jan. or Feb. 1942.
But since it is a photo of me and I was born July 1942.
I think is should read Jan. or Feb. 1943.
Holmen Wisconsin.

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Helen, Clo Ann and Peter ~1945
Ice skating time on the farm.
We had a small pond of ice 100 feet east of the house.
Sjolander farm Holmen Wisconsin.

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August 18,1946
Peter, Larry, Kay, Helen, Carmen, Clo Ann, Gail, Landy
Mindoro Wisconsin.
Last names: Larry Sullivan, Kay Sjolander, Carmen Duffy, Gail Sullivan and Landy Sjolander.

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By the sorghum mill ~1946
Sjolander farm Holmen Wisconsin.
Peter, Betty Ann Gullickson, (baby) Charles Olson, CloAnn and Helen.

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The back of the photo says...
Clo Ann, Helen and Peter
Knee deep in Alfalfa - June, 1947

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Helen, Clo Ann and Peter
As I recall this was my very first day of school.~1948
Sjolander farm Holmen Wisconsin.

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Clo Ann, Peter and Helen. ~1952
Sjolander farm Holmen Wisconsin.