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1894-1953-William-and-Anna-wed ... 88 photos
1894-1983-Ray\1922-Phyllis ... 21 photos
1895-1961-Ruth\1926-Robert ... 5 photos
1897-1983-Mamie\1921-Vonnie ... 53 photos
1897-1983-Mamie\1942-Edna ... 12 photos
1901-1995-Hazel\1938-Clo-Ann\1963-Derek\Derek-2009 ... 5 photos
1901-1995-Hazel\1938-Clo-Ann\1964-Soren\Soren-2009 ... 3 photos
1901-1995-Hazel\1938-Clo-Ann\1966-Kristy\Kristy-2009 ... 5 photos
1901-1995-Hazel\1938-Clo-Ann\1969-Ole ... 2 photos
1901-1995-Hazel\1938-Clo-Ann\Clo-2009 ... 108 photos
1901-1995-Hazel\1940-Helen\daphne-2009 ... 22 photos
1901-1995-Hazel\1940-Helen\denise-2009 ... 7 photos
1901-1995-Hazel\1940-Helen\Helen-2009 ... 5 photos
1901-1995-Hazel\1942-Peter\1961-Stephen ... 6 photos
1901-1995-Hazel\1942-Peter\1964-Charles\1988-Sean ... 28 photos
1901-1995-Hazel\1942-Peter\1964-Charles\1994-Liam ... 19 photos
1901-1995-Hazel\1942-Peter\1964-Charles\charles ... 5 photos
1901-1995-Hazel\1942-Peter\1970-Maria\maria-2009 ... 19 photos
1901-1995-Hazel\1942-Peter\1970-Maria ... 45 photos
1901-1995-Hazel\hazel ... 4 photos
1902-1989-Clarissa ... 29 photos
1904-1952-Beatrice ... 2 photos
1906-1994-Lloyd\1939-Judy ... 15 photos
1906-1994-Lloyd\1951-William ... 5 photos
1908-1944-Vera\1932 Cheryl ... 18 photos
1910-1961-Kenneth\1940-Sue\lori\Kathryn ... 17 photos
1910-1961-Kenneth\1940-Sue\lori ... 29 photos
1910-1961-Kenneth\1940-Sue\sue ... 13 photos
1914-2002-Arvalee\1943-Jon ... 9 photos
1914-2002-Arvalee\1946-Paula ... 5 photos
1914-2002-Arvalee\1951-Fran ... 3 photos
1914-2002-Arvalee\Arvalee ... 21 photos

by Date of Birth
1874 William Ruby(father)- 17 April 1874
1875 Anna Gansel(Mother)- 4 May 1875
1894 Ray - 5 Dec 1894
1895 Ruth - 6 Dec 1895
1897 Mamie - 21 Feb 1897
1899 Fern - 26 April 1899
1901 Hazel - 4 Jan 1901
1902 Clarice - 10 July 1902
1905 Beatrice - 15 July 1904
1906 Lloyd - 24 Mar 1906
1908 Vera - 2 Feb 1908
1910 Kenneth - 11 April 1910
1912 Bernard - 5 May 1912
1914 Arvalee - 5 Feb 1914
1915 Dexter - 3 Sept 1915

as of 2009 summer - Contacts:

Arvalee wed Bud Sanford - 4 kids, 1. Jon (email) (phone) (address) 2. Paula (email) (phone) (address) (visited 2009) 3. Fran (email) (phone) (address) (visited 2009) 4. Marcus (email) (phone) (address) (visited 2009) Beatrice no kids Bernard no kids Clarice wed Johnson - 3 kids: 1. Margaret {dead} no kids 2. Dorothy ( no email) (phone) (address) (visited 2009) 3. Gary (email) (phone) (address) (visited 2009) Dexter wed Babe - one adopted child, 1. John Dexter (can not find) Fern no kids Hazel wed Frank Sjolander - 3 kids: (email) (phone) (address) (visited all 9 2009) 1. Clo wed Tom Loree {dead} [3 kids: Derek, Soren, Kristen] wed Dennis Mingo [1 son: Olaf] 2. Helen wed Jim Westness [2 kids: Daphne, Denise] wed Ted Brown [no kids] 3. Peter wed Jaclyn Evenson [3 kids: Stephen, Charles & Maria] (email with all) Kenneth wed Norma - 2 kids: 1. Howard {dead} 2. Sue {dead} [3 kids: Lori, Linda, Sara] Lori (email) (phone) (address) (visited 2009) Linda (email) (phone) (address) Sara (email) (phone) (address) (visited 2008) Lloyd wed Evelyn - 3 kids, 1. Gerald, {dead} 2. Judy Ann, (email) (phone) (address) (visited 2009) 3. William [1 kid: Kady](phone) (address) Kady (email) Mamie - 4 kids, 1. Vonnie Morscheck[no children], (email) (phone) (address) 2. Duane Morscheck [Timothy, Thomas & Steven Morscheck and Marilee Congo], 3. Edna Mae Beck [Daniel & Timothy Williams] (email) (phone) (address) (visited 2009) 4. stepson, Gale Beck [Paul Beck, Julene Beck, and Genieve Magnuson] Ray wed Etta - 2 kids, 1. Phyllis {dead} wed Guy Hagen [Sharol, Jeanne] Jeanne (email) (phone) (address) (visited 2008) 1. Richard {dead} wed Dru [Pamela, Daphne] Daphne (email) (phone) Ruth - wed Gilbertson 2 kids, 1. Betty {dead} [2 kids: Brian and William (Bill) ] 2. Robert {dead} wed Lorraine {5 kids} Lorraine (email) (phone) (address) (visited 2008)

Great great great great great great grandmother - Barbara Hirschi - b 1736 Guggisberg, Bern, Switzerland d 18 Feb, 1789 Guggisberg etc.

Great great great great great grandmother - Christina Batscher - b 1777 Guggisberg etc 1837 Espach, Bern, Switzerland

Great great great great grandmother - Rosina Blosch - b 30 Nov 1810 Espach etc when or where

Great great great grandmother - Mary Elizabeth Helbling - b 12 May 1833 Espach etc 1907 Roaring Creek, Jackson Co., WI USA

Great great grandmother - Cordancy Beaser - b 22 May 1851, Irving, Jackson Co., WI USA d 31 Dec 1912 Alma, Jackson Co., WI USA

Great grandmother - Anna Augusta Gansel - b 4 May 1875, Alma Center, Jackson Co., WI USA d 16 June 1951 Black River Falls, Jackson Co., WI USA

Grandmother - Ruth Ann Linnell - b 6 Dec 1895, Black River Falls, Jackson Co., WI USA d 24 Jan 1961, Racine, Racine Co., WI USA

Mother - Betty June Gilbertson - b 5 June 1924, Racine, Racine Co., WI USA d 11 May 2003 West Allis, Milwaukee Co., WI USA d 25 Feb, d don't know d 27 March

Details by Bill Ernie Nelson (son of Betty gson of Ruth Linnell)

Vera - one child, 
1. Cheryl (email) (phone) (address) (visited 2009)

Memories from Cheryl Zurawski (Vera's daughter)...

My mother died in child birth she was carrying a baby boy that died also. My cousin Elva Belongie was caring for her in her home when she died.

I was twelve years old when she passed away living with my grandmother Andrews who raised me and gave me a wonderful loving home. She was also very good to my mother who lived with us from time to time. My mother was always looking for love and I don't think she ever really found it.

I can remember going with her to visit Aunt Mable and Aunt Mamie and visiting Grandma and Grandpa Linnell out on the farm and walking down the road to have have tea at Mrs. Kirston (I think that is what her name was). I remember the smell of the milk house and the big windmill up on the hill and apple orchard on the side of the house with the big front porch and the phone that hung on the wall that you had to wring up. It was always a pleasant time going there. I remember grandpa seems like was always happy and grandma was always in the kitchen. Do you remember her wonderful donuts? Aunt Bea used to sell them in her restaurant.

My new husband and I visited with Aunt Hazel on our honeymoon and saw Aunt Bea whom she was caring for as she was suffering from cancer. They lived on a beautiful farm.

Uncle Bernard came to see me in Stevens Point where I lived with my grandma Andrews and sat and visited for a few hours. Dick Linnell came to see me once as he was going to college there. I guess I was blessed by caring family members. I only wish my mother could have lived longer so I could have taken care of her.

Aunt Hazel wrote to me and told me how my mother could play the piano by ear and would hear a song and in a matter of a few days could play it on the piano. I was told she also played the guitar. She played in a band also. She could sing and did so at weddings and special events, mostly for family. I so would have loved to known her and she my children.

I remember the good old days a lot and am so happy I have the memories that I have wish I had more of them.

Thanks much for your efforts for the family Pete.

God bless you all.

Cheryl Zurawski (Vera's daughter) August 2008