Holmen High School 50 year class reunion in 2010

option one same as 2005, a well done three day reunion.
option two Much the same as 2005 except a picnic on Thursday to replace Drugans dinner on Saturday night. Chris has offered her house and yard for a pot luck picnic. I think Thursday afternoon or Friday afternoon would be a good time to have it. So our schedule might look something like this: Thursday... 1. Root beer social in the afternoon 2 to 5. Peter will provide the root beer and ice cream. 2. pot luck 5 to 8 3. yearbooking 8 to 12 Friday... 1. Meet at Chris' house to share pictures of the year 6 to 9. 1. Meet at Chris' house to watch the fireworks 9 to 9:30 2. meet at bank corner after fireworks 3. Meet in beer tent to lose what hearing you still got. Saturday... 1. Walk up and down main street from 8 to 10. 1. Ride in parade at 11 am. 2. golf at 1. 3. Chicken and corn at Korn festival from 5:30 to 6:30, the band takes a one hour rest then. Sunday... 1. Breakfast at "JACQLON'S COUNTRY HOLMEN WI" at 8:30. 2. brunch at Catholic church at 10:45. 3. Car show at 3 in food tent. 4. Chicken and corn at Korn festival from 5:30 to 6:30, the band takes a one hour rest then. Monday... 1. Meet at Chris' house to work on web site and share pictures 1 to 5.
... Since at our age anything can happen, I feel we need a couple more places for our picnic. Others that come to mind are: Sherry's sister Lu's place. And Alice's brother Berry's house. Jerry Prior's house also comes to mind. Any of the local folks who are willing. (We might also restart yearbooking(sp) ... an old Norse custom where you dress up and visit people to get free drinks.) Jerry Prior's house comes to mind. Or Dick Knutson. We will need to dream up a present to leave for them if they are not home when we call.
I feel that since it is a picnic, we should open it up for friends and relatives. Two old friends I would love to see there are: Larry Tabbert and Ken Berg And a very special person I would love to see is Sally's mother, remember she was on our class trip.