COS 40 year reunion April 2, 2011 at 2-6 PM at Lemon Park in Fullerton

You are invited to a 40 year COS reunion on April 2, 2011 at 2-6 PM at Lemon Park in Fullerton. All are welcome. Kids, grandkids, etc.

Started in March 2011, we now have a very active Facebook Group

"COS ALUMNI, Fullerton California 1972-1984 (Community Open School)"

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COS Happy Face


People who have told me they plan to attend the COS reunion April 2nd 2011

Peter Sjolander Kilty Smith Lyle Helen L Kaufmann Jerry Hein Bobbie Hein Glenda Walther JoAna Ferguson daughter of Joan Steadman will try to attend. Tiana Clark...We are so looking forward to this and plan on being there with our 3 children Malia, Michael, & Brianna and brother Jason Clark! And hopefully mom & dad Mike & Mary Clark. Tiana Clark Count us in for 5 adults & 3 kids Renee N Brett Asolas and mom Marty Ginger (Brandon) Cash Dave Maestrejuan Kevin Hozak February 20 2011 Hello Peter yes I did go to COS I will try to come to the reunion. I am in Tx my brother Bryan is going sounds like a great time would be nice to see every one. Hi, Saylor Smith told me you were having a reunion soon and I'd like to attend. I was a volunteer in '73 and a paid aide in '74. I'm not sure if those years are right on, butJohn Rose(berg?) seemed to have been the head of the Maple school facility and Glenda was theleader of the COS pack. Please let me know where and when the reunion will be held. Thanks, Dave Maestrejuan Hi Peter, Not sure if you remember me. I was Diana Roseman (John's daughter). I am not sure if I will be able to make it out to CA in June, but would love to be kept posted and hope to try to get there and go with Karen, my Dad & Glenda to the reunion. Hope you're doing well! Diana (Diana Ferguson) --------------------------------------- Looking for email or facebook for: Karen Walther (Ulloa) Alicia Maruyama Miki Maruyama Jeff Peters staff potter Joan Steadman mother of Sarah Sara Steadman Some names from the early years 1970s. Anyone have any contact information for these people? From: Cynthia (Nieto) Gulley Date: Sat, Feb 26, 2011 Yes I believe my brothers and I went there in 74  along with: Martha Ayala Lopez Brothers, Isidro, Carlos, Jose and Armando Lisa Poteet Gabriel Villalobos Kevin and Scott Campbell Athena and Phoedra Lizzy, Cathy and Amy  Carter Lisa Richardson Karl Kaufman (his mom Helen was always there with us) I remember Glenda and Karen All of Jay's kids of course (Judith K- she was Jay Crawford back then) Laura I remember going to Joshua Tree and Anza Borrego !  :) I'm racking my brain here.. l o l COS-yearly-photos


Names from the COS YEARBOOK YEAR year 1979-1980 (a * means I have found them) John Rogers Scott Campbell Tammy Easley Clifford Williams Athena Artko * Phoedra Artko Beth Brandon Michael Brandon Scott Campbell Cathy Carter * Lizzy Carter Ross Pegler Mark Dewgialo Greg Dunbar Shannon Dunbar Sean Edgar Lester Graf Dylan Gregory Miles Gregory * Sandra Muckenthaler Leslie Morrison Jenny Newton * Jon Newton * Randy Hein * Amy Hicks Chris Ponds Eli Pretzer Joshua Pretzer Brian Rice Che Lapardo Jerry Lunn Paul Richard Danny Rodgers Jammie Rodgers John Rodgers Sherri Lunn Alicia Maruyama Elianne Montano Yvonne Moore Randi Rodgers Andrea Rothman Li Wyvern Ryan Charles Sjolander * Maria Sjolander * Kilty Smith * Jessica Thomas Karen Walther Shannon Walther Stephen Walther Samantha Wright Nadine Lukes David Walther staff Ginger Brandon staff * John Roseman staff * Esperanza Compard staff Linda Vernier staff Becky McKane staff Henry Wacker staff Michael Wooding staff Ron Feuerberg staff Mary Sambrano staff Harriett staff Helen Shaw staff a few names that came up in the yearbooks from 82-84 Brett Asolas, * Hank and Rick Wyckoff, Scott Gancar, Doug Wilson, Kevin Kocic, Jason Clarke (Tiana's Brother), Lena and Mary Elliott, BJ Hozak (Kevin's brother)? Jade Wilson Kristen (Wilson) Reid Feb 7 2011 Hey Pete! Wow, long time. * Jim Asolas (the dad of Brett) lives in Albuquerque, New Mexico =======================
COS alumni (facebook group) started in 2011, feel free to join. Kathy Daugherty-Cisneros Found facebook for:
Ixchel Barbosa (sent facebook message 1-29-11)
Kevin Hozak (sent facebook message 1-29-11)
JoAna Ferguson JoAna Steadman (received facebook message 1-30-11)
Joan Steadman (sent facebook message 1-29-11)
Tiana Clark (received facebook message 1-31-11)
Alicia Maruyama Sacks (found on their mom's facebook page)
Miki Maruyama (found on their mom's facebook page)
Gregory Clyde Dunbar (found on Karen's facebook page)
Andi Rothman (found on Karen's facebook page) Pete Found facebook/web site for: Ja Kaluzny ...facebook web site Peter Sjolander ...facebook
web site Stephen Sjolander ...facebook ...web site Kathy Cisneros
Kilty Smith.. Kilty Lyle (Kilty Smith) ... ...facebook
Amy Carter.. ...facebook
Cathy Carter-McDougall ...facebook
Renee N Brett Asolas (Renee Seph) ...facebook

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COS ALUMNI, Fullerton California 1972-1984 (Community Open School)
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The Tires


From her husband's web site
wild wild life

Elizabeth Crawford

Hi everyone!

I went to COS from its inception until I was 16.

I was called Beth back then. (I switched to Liz when I was 17.)

What a trip down Memory Lane this is, huh? I haven't gone through the class photos posted here yet - I have one or two of them myself - but I've been recalling some folks as well: let me throw a few more names into the mix, some already mentioned, many not: I think Scott and/or Keven Campbell have already been mentioned - how about their little (half) brother Stevie Oberlin? Eric and Robbie Vind. Scott Hoskins. Karen Mortensen! Bridget - was her name Sanders? Curly blonde hair? (I remember when she broke her arm playing football, and then broke it again soon after.) Cheryl and DeeDee Crettol, and their brother David - probably our biggest Led Zep fan. And of course to Kevin Youngbauer, 14-year-old biker :-)

Randy McVeigh, his brother John (is that you, John Rodgers?) Wasn't there another brother or two? Sorry if I'm confused.

The Costigans! Colleen, Kelly, Jimmy - and a couple more... The Hockings I see are well remembered - Carol, Tom, Richard, Billy. (They had an older sister too, who didn't go to COS. I forget her name!) Nathan, Aaron, Wayne and baby Micah Winship. (Phaedra and I babysat them a few times.)

Paul Nelson! Man, did he like to cuss.

Laurie Fisher, and her sister Jeannine! And didn't they have a brother Mark? Flip Laing! (Laing?) Patrick Gallagher. Aviva Asa.

Camping at O'Neill Park! Hanging out at the Smoking Tree! Going to the Secret Store! Driving by normal high schools and junior highs and yelling "Prisoners!" out the car windows at the top of our lungs!

Cool graduation at Laguna Lake, I remember Lisa Borgen graduated - what, her Junior High year? Not sure - I remember the present I gave her, a Moody Blues album...

Remember the locals who attended in the first year? Cynthia Nieto, little brother Carlos, girlfriend Martha. Armando and José Lopez, Eduardo and Hector - were they brothers? Was their name Valdez? (Who else remembers Ernesto?)

I vaguely recall there were a lot of fights that year, a lot of tension. Maybe in part because when COS moved in, the locals wound up being bussed away to other schools. Except those who went to COS, but I don't think they came back after the first year. (Anyway, I wasn't aware of that background at the time.)

And what about the teacher aides, or what did we called the younger adults who were there occasionally? (Although nowadays I call 19-year-olds "kids," of course.) Nancy White with the long blonde hair, Dave Maesterjuan and his drawing classes. Ken Becker!

COS started in Fall 1972.

About those 5 x 7 "Free the Kids" cards (I have one here somewhere too) - if they made COS one year older, maybe they were counting its predecessor -

Golden Eagle School! If I remember correctly (and this is going waaaay back, so don't quote me) Golden Eagle started in January 1972 with 4 kids - Greg, me, Lisa and Joey Beason (right?) - and grew to 19 by the time school let out for summer (did it? I seem to remember that number specifically).

The Muppet Frog Prince! - yes, over and over and over - we also acted it out with puppets we made with styrofoam-ball heads. Free to Be You and Me! That record with Marlo Thomas, and our moms thought it was sooooo neat that that professional football player sang "It's Alright to Cry" (was his name Rosie Grier?).

Remember the Animal Circus? Trying to train a rat to dive off a miniature high-dive into a miniature pool; the turtle with a box of popcorn - for sale - tied to its back.

Dudley the Dentist Duck! The incubator, and watching the chickens (or ducks?) hatch! Playing with the mercury from a broken thermometer! (Oops - sorry, parents - maybe you didn't know about that.)

Buying bags of tiny dried fish at Grand Central Market and putting them in GI Joe's little frying pan to "fry up" over his campfire! Dressing up another GI Joe or something in Native American gear! Going camping at Blue Jay, and feeling so superior to the Boy Scouts who got lost!

By the way, I'm not going to make it to the reunion this April. I live in Germany, so it's an expensive trip, and I'm saving up for a can't-miss trip to a wedding later this year.

It's after midnight here now, and I'm off to bed. Thanks for the trip down Memory Lane! :-) -------------

Hi Peter,
I just looked at the website(  - how cool that you heard from Cynthia Nieto! I remember everyone she mentioned except Lisa Richardson).
I mentioned some of them in my post, but now I see I got a few wrong (why did I think Carlos was her borother?), and left out a couple -- Gabriel Villalobos! He was so great! And Isidro Lopez I remember as being really nice too. Well, I bet all of us were nice in our ways, but we had fights anyway. I was only 10 years old, but I remember thinking Armando Lopez was aaaawwwwfully handsome.
(This isn't going to show up on a website anywhere is it?)

And how cool that Dave Maestrejuan is going to the reunion! My mom has a picture he did of me in a drawing class. She should bring it, or post it, or something. :-)

Take care, and thanks for all the efforts in getting in touch with everyone!
Elizabeth Crawford

To: Elizabeth Crawford 

I added your name to my COS mailing list.  The "" is very
classy.  What are you doing in Germany?

It was great fun reading your memories.  The facebook group is the
wave of the future.  I love it.

The main function for my web site in the future is so when lost COS
people do searches they will hit us.  Facebook alone is not so hot on
outside searches.


P.S.  Good thing you said something about not being posted on the web
site.  I think
Armando Lopez would love it if he ever saw that you thought he was
aaaawwwwfully handsome.

Elizabeth Crawford 

Hi Pete,

Aw shucks, go ahead and post it. I'm too "mature" to be embarassed by
my 10-year-old self, I hope!

I've been living here in Göttingen since 1986. I'm a freelance
translator, and sometimes interpreter and English instructor. My
brother Tony set up the e-mail address (he lives in Berlin). He
wanted "" but that was taken. I just say it's like
"Crawford" in the plural, because the two  of us are using it.
Sometimes I get replies from clients that say, "Dear Ms.

I do a little "where are they now" googling every once in a while. I
found an article from 2008, an obituary for Eleanor Snow, that said
Athena and Phaedra were living in Gridley, CA (no idea where that

I would have liked to find something about Lisa Borgen and Scott and
Kevin Campbell, but no luck so far. But I see Leslie talked to Lisa a
while ago.

I should get back to work now, but I'll be keeping in touch! Can't
wait to hear about the reunion. :-)


Lesley E. Stine 2:17pm Mar 10
Hi COS People!!
I'd love to make it too but cannot. I attended from the start of COS (2nd grade through 6th grade). I left before Greg (regrettably) when my dad moved to San Diego, I went with him.

I do believe I had the best childhood ever, sounds corny but I mean it. Most of my memories include my brother (Greg) or Lizzy Carter. My friendship group included Lizzy, Gen and Val Crawford, Diana, Karen Walther, Carol Hockings, Andrea, who else??? I hung around with the Carters (idolized Cathy, a little afraid of Amy), the Smiths, the Crawfords, Colleen (last name?, had little brother) and the Hockings (Carol had a bunch of little brothers, Tom, the other two?, mother Helen Hocking) the most.

My quick memories, loads of time in the tires, on the tires, tag, etc. Games of Cheetahs (involved running on all 4 which I could do very well, and making the noise they make which I can still do freakishly well, still). Stepping on glass (always barefoot) and being lectured by the school nurse (to no avail ;o)). Math-room modules to sit inside, Helen Kaufman in the artroom, camping, sleepovers at Lizzy's hundreds of times, creating elaborate doll houses in cardboard boxes and people made of popsickle sticks. I don't remember learning how to read but I did. All the math games in the drawers under the windows. My mom continually talking about the theory behind the school with adults after school and me wanting to leave (love her). The Crawford's backyard pool where in groups we acted out the muppets 'Frog Prince' movie over and over and over. Disecting dead things. Lisa Borgan who could skin things and keep the hide entirely intact (even wiskers and eyelashes), some talent. Problem-solving sessions... I could go on and on.

I want to say one more thing about childhood memories... I find I have way more than people I know who had a more normal childhood school experience. Anyone else notice that??

Anyway, I left COS for regular school for 7th grade. Went to 3 different jr. highs and ended up in Cottage Grove Oregon with my mom for HS. The Smiths (Adam, Aaron and HS-teacher-dad Saylor) came to Cottage Grove my junior year. Very small world.

From HS I went to University of Oregon, played softball for them, and got a BS in business in 1987. I worked for custom exhibit and display companies, got married, and had my two kids (Meghan 18 and Hayden 15) in the 1990's. Divorced in 2000.

In 1998, Blue Mountain School opened in Cottage Grove (well… 7 miles out of town in the beautiful country in an old school site). Had about 60-70 kids every year. Modeled mostly like COS was. My mom worked on the local district politics for years before we opened. I worked to open the school, she worked there some early years and I did years 4-11. We lasted 11 years before the school board, influenced by evil district adinistrators, closed the school. My kids got to grow up there though, along with a generation of their friends. Proud is not the word. Still recovering from the demise in honesty.

I’m enjoying these posts. Keep them coming.


Died in 2007.
lorraine rothman


Andi Rothman
Wow, what a trip this is. LOVE IT! Does anyone have a time capsule with old pictures? I'll dig some out too and post them.

I started at COS when I was in 1st grade, 73'ish. I'm the youngest of four and my Mom, Lorraine was a HUGE fan of the new concept and didn't want me attending a "traditional" school. My siblings were in middle and high school at the time and not interested in COS, so most of you didn't get to know my older siblings. I stayed with COS until I was a Freshman in high school and left for Fullerton High so I could play softball. I had know knowledge of COS' fate after I transferred.

My life since COS in 1000 words or less...

I attended Fullerton College (played softball with Liz Carter), Long Beach State, and returned to earn my B.S. in PE at Cal State Fullerton. I moved to San Diego in 1990 to go to grad school at San Diego State and got my M.A. in Sports Medicine in 1993. Got my teaching credential in 1997 and was a Teacher/Athletic Trainer for 8 years. I moved to the Sacramento area in 2005 and continued teaching but "retired" from Athletic Training. In 2008 I opened a "micro" winery with my partner Kim ....whew! My life is only half over...what's next???

On a more personal note, Kim and I have been together for eight years, Domestic Partners for three and haven't killed each other as business partners. We have three four-legged children, a chocolate lab and two cats. I'm still an exercise nut, although the dreaded 40's have played havoc on my body and doesn't quite look like it did a few years ago. I picked up running, if you can call it that, and completed my first half marathon in October. I'm getting ready to do the Rock and Roll half marathon in San Diego June 5th. I'm still teaching high school PE and making wine six days a week.

Things that stand out in my memory of COS...the couches, the art room, Charles Sjolander and his bare feet (is he wearing shoes yet?), Charles being able to jump between the tires that most of us were afraid to even attempt. Karen slapping my thighs just to see the RED hand mark it left. David teaching me Algebra in 4th grade and how the English language is so screwed up that the word "fish" should really be spelt "ghoph." David and Barbara's wedding. Playing capture the flag ALL DAY (something I still have my PE kids play today). Good times with the Walther' extended family. Every girl having a crush on Greg Dunbar and Scott Campbell, for me it was Adam Smith. I was afraid of Aaron Smith, he was kind of a bully. How about "peer counseling?" I think we started the movement. Tiana, I remember you at 5 and 6 years were so adorable. My Dad and your Mom became good friends...albeit short lived.

I could go on and on...what an incredible experience that was. I will do my best to get down to Fullerton on April 1st. I would love to see everyone...

If you request to be a friend you'll be able to see more updated pictures.

Take care and be well everyone. Love and hugs to all...

Andi (aka Andrea) Rothman

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Diana Ferguson

Hi everyone! I think I went in '74-'75 time frame (I was 11 & 12 during my time at COS). I was only there a short while but have some great memories. Hanging out at the Carter's, taking off to Joshua tree with Janet, the girls, the Smiths, Karen, the Stein's. Hanging out in the field with Athena and Phaedra, & Scott many more...I hate to leave anyone out. Going to some sort of mud park on a field trip, playing in the tires on the playground. Karen and I sitting in the typing room typing 'the quick sly fox jumped over the lazy brown dog' to show Dad we'd learned typing enough to leave that class at the junior high we went to to take it (at least that's my memory of the situation). Dissecting the fetal pig...I think Leslie Stein and I stretched its intestines from one end of the building to another. Cathy Carter pulling herself entirely horizontal on the tether ball pole. Wonderful times...great memories!

Gregory Stine

Hi Everyone!

Too bad I won't be able to make it back on 4/1. My mom (Laura Stine) was one of the three moms who started COS and I was there from what would have been 5th grade through the end of 10th. If Diana's right, I started in '74. Maybe '73. Anyway...

COS formed the way in think and play. So much time spent with great friends. Cathy, Adam, Aaron, Stephen & Charles, Diana, the Crawfords (Tony and Beth), Carl, Lisa, my sister Lesley...were the first wave and longest lasting group of friends.

I remember endless games of chess, capture the flag, some crazy tag game on the tires ("tag back tag"?), baseball, football, some weird game with little platic cubes in the math center (that taught me a sense of random behavior).

Anyone remember box city? The fire dept killed that one, I think. Too bad. Friendship groups! Camping trips. I think I was a weird kid. Hill Crest park...Adam and I got busted by the cops playing in the sewer (starting a life of crime)! My mom liked that.

For some reason, Adam and I collected combs...had like 100...strange. One of my most vivid memories was playing ping pong in the garage Adam!!! Cathy was my first love...we went to preschool together(!) and she liked me back off and on for 10 years. :)

I left COS at 16 for FJC, played tennis, went to UCI, then Oregon. Father of Whitney, adopted Sharron, James and Austin...and all their friends, it seems like. Married for 15 years.

Now own a Marketing company, fly planes, play guitar in a small jazz group (for tips) and try not to think about turning 50 in Dec. Still kid of weird, I think, but I love people and have many great friends. Oh and Karen!

Diana Ferguson March 8, 2011 Re: Who is Gaelynn Frasier Knutz? Gae only went to COS for a very short time. Her mom was a teacher there...Sharon...she married my Dad before Glenda.
Jennifer Newton Wilson

Jennifer wrote: We sure had alot of teachers. Do you remember Mike Wooding? Do you know what happened to him?"
diana ferguson Mar 4 I actually live in Golden, CO. I moved back to LA in the late 80's and then about 18 years ago I moved to CO. I really love it here!
John Rodgers 3:08pm Mar 12
hello and howdy everyone , yes all the Rodgers boy's are still around Randi is still in California living in valley center outside of Escondido. I my self decided to live in Tennessee, after losing my wife to a heart attack, and 13 years military service(army medical retirement), Jamie is living in Michigan planning to move to Washington (Spokane) with my dad who had a stroke not to long ago. Danny is in Michigan also , where he has a daughter 11 years old and he is in and out of the hospital there. I still communicate with Greg Dunbar, for whom is still married to colleen after 25 years i take it,and he lives in garden grove. I am slowly getting to find everyone from cos. John w rodgers

Barbara Family and Friends

Eleven photos, some old some new

Karen Ulloa
Hello Peter Sjolander...
I will friend you on facebook. Andrea goes by Andi now. Wait until you see her site. She owns a winery in No. California. Greg is also on facebook. I will send them to you. I can't wait to see everyone. Will Stephen, Charles, Maria, be there? I think Jackie should arrive in her green electric mobile... :) So many wonderful memories. Thank you for getting this going.
Love Karen
Karen Ulloa
Century 21 Masters

Hi Peter...
How fun to see all the faces of COS... I am sending some recent pictures of our gang. Love to all...
Karen Walther Ulloa

Karen and son Jordan

Karen Walther Ulloa and grandson Ryder

Karen's kids-- Katrina, Michael and Jordan Kids

Kid number 4, Jimmy with wife Megan

Glenda Walther and John Roseman with grandson Jordan 008

Diana Roseman Ferguson daughter of John Roseman
I left COS in about 76' to go back to San Diego. I have a bunch of pictures with the Carters that I should scan and post.

Diana New Year's Eve 2010



from Smith, Aaron
date Wed, Feb 2, 2011 a
Peter WOW!!! Thank you so very much for the email I would love to come to the reunion what a blast it would be. To be honest I know when you go to reunions you are supposed to act like you have made it financially well hate to brake the news but I have three incredible kids and a hot wife but extra cash not so much. We are living in Oregon and chose a few years back for my wife to be at home so a trip to So-Cal wouldn't work, but I would love if you could pass my email on to the Carters and anyone else you could think of. Joshua Tree, little store, F.T.T, Chunky the monkey, batonka's, bike to the beach, football games, capture the flag by the hour, dissecting still born pig's, board games, sleep over's at the Carters, drinking mouth wash???? having the time of our lives. When I try to explain C.O.S. to people it makes me smile and to be honest it is not easy to make people understand it and you know what that's Ok because it just reminds me of what a special place and what a special part of my life that was.
Peace Aaron
from Adam Smith
date Wed, Feb 2, 2011 at 9:41 AM
Great to hear from you. I am living in Lake Oswego, OR with my wife Christine and our 2 daughters Sophie 9 and Lauren 7. My brother Aaron is living in Eugene with his wife and their 3 kids. Life is hectic but good with all the activities my girls are in. My wife is a realtor but still dabbles with make-up as a make-up artist in Los Angeles on various shows. I work for a company that supplies paints and other allied products to body shops in the automotive industry. I am in charge of our 5 locations here in Portland, OR so my travel is limited. Attached are a few recent photos that you can pass out to show that I did not (at least not yet) become a street person!
Stay in touch and please keep me up to date.
Adam M. Smith

Adam Smith 2009 - Random Shots 013

Adam Smith 2009 - Random Shots 058

Adam Smith San Diego and Legoland 2010

Adam Smith Soph and Lulu 1st day of school 2010

2011 Community Open School(COS) photos.

Adam and Aaron Smith family 2009

Tiana sent you a message.
Tiana Clark January 31, 2011 at 11:12am
Subject: COS
Yes, yes we did!
We went to COS from 1981 - 1984, and we have always dreamed of putting together a COS reunion, how wonderful of you!!! ?
We have tried so many times and sent so many messages to different people asking if they went to COS, with the typical reply being "what's a COS?" LoL
I am Tiana Clark, daughter of Mike & Mary Clark, and sister of Jason Clark, and now wife of BJ Hozak, brother of Kevin Hozak, son's of Bill Ropple & step-son's on Joan Steadman, and step-brother's of Joana & Sara Steadman (if that all made any sense?)
Needless to say, you can count us in!
We wouldn't miss this for the world!
We are so looking forward to this and plan on being there with our 3 children Malia, Michael, & Brianna and brother Jason Clark! And hopefully mom & dad Mike & Mary Clark.
Could you please forward this info to BJ Hozak (Facebook - Bryan Hozak) I don't see an option to "forward" your message.
What a fantastic blast from the past!
Thank you again,
And we'll see you soon.
Tiana & Family

Tiana & BJ, Jason & Mary Clark, Joan & Joana Steadman, and all of our children, Malia, Michael, Brianna, Amber, & Annabelle

COS Tiana and Family -Tiana, Mike, Jason Clark, BJ Hozak, and kids, Malia, Michael, and Brianna

Tiana and Jason Clark 2010

Tiana Clark - The Family Christmas 2010

Tiana Clark Family - Tiana and BJ, Jason and Mary Clark, Joan and Joana Steadman, and all of our children, Malia, Michael, Brianna, Amber, and Annabelle

BJ's brother Kevin Hozak & Family

JoAna Ferguson daughter of Joan Steadman

JoAna Ferguson January 29, 2011 Re: did you go to COS? Yes, I did! Wow, this brings back memories. I live in Henderson NV. will try to make it. Thank you, JoAna JoAna Ferguson January 31, 2011 Re: Is Sarah Morris your sister? No, Sara Nielsen is but she doesn't have a facebook. Her husband Paul does though, you can find him through my Mom's page. On my profile photo I'm on the right

Kathy Daugherty-Cisneros with daughter Alicia Maruyama
From: Kathy Daugherty-CisnerosJanuary 26, 2011. Alicia and Miki (Was called Erin back in COS days) both still live in Fullerton not far from Kilty. I live in in Los Angeles with my husband Victor and my daughter Ixchel (8yrs old)

Miki Maruyama

Katy Miles Amanda and Dylan all the kids of Cookie and Gordon Gregory 2010

Saylor and Karen Smith 2010

Renee and Brett Asolas

Judith Kaluzny

Glenda Walther 2001

Karen Walther 2001

Karen John Glenda 2001

Miles Gregory

Gordon Amanda Cookie Gregory 2010

Carter sisters

Janet Carter's Memorial 2001

Jon Newton in 2011 visits Peter Sjolander

Jennifer Newton Wilson

Karl Kaufmann

Charles Sjolander 2010
Charles Sjolander has 200+ songs in his "Song Book" to play/download mp3


Maria Stephen Charles 2009

Grandson Sean with Jacky 2006

Ginger in 2002

Beth Brandon Madrigal 2001

Hayden and Grandma Laura 2002

Lesley at Blue mountain school 2002

Gregory Stine

dance 2011 Stephen Sjolander

Golden Oldies

Dave Maestrejuan and Saylor Smith around 1973 in Joshua Tree with the COS gang.


Sjolander kids from 1974

charles photos scrapbook 1964-2001