COS non-reunion Feb. 25, 2002

Cookie and Gordon Gregory's oldest girl is Katy and the younger is Amanda.

Mike's wife is Julie - children are: Ashton, 9; Nickolas, almost 7; Jonathan, 3. Beth's husband is Augie - last name Madrigal. His son is Christian, 9 (10 in June).

Katy Gregory and Peter Sjolander

Cookie sure does have good looking girls.

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Katy Gregory and Peter Sjolander

Beth (Brandon) Madrigal, Ashton Brandon


Beth, Mike and Jonathan.



Amanda Gregory

Amanda, Katy and Cookie Gregory

Mike's wife Julie.

Ginger (Brandon) Cash and Beth's husband Augie Madrigal.

Ginger (Brandon) Cash

Katy Gregory

Gordon Gregory and Beth (Brandon) Madrigal