Songs of Charles Sjolander
302 Songs Sorted by Title

Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander

Download 'Cause I Like My Rut
Download A Butterfly
Download A Call Answered
Download A Centering Place
Download A Long Line
Download A New World
Download A Time When I Won't Leave
Download A World Away
Download Again With You
Download All I Need To Know
Download All Of This
Download Already Saying Goodbye
Download Always In My Heart
Download An Everyday Angel
Download And Simply, I Am Here
Download And Then It Hits Me
Download And This Is Life
Download And We Begin, Again
Download And always will
Download Angels Dancing In The Wind
Download Anointed One
Download Another Step
Download Are You My Family
Download Arms Spread Wide
Download Around The Corner
Download Around The World
Download As I've Often Shared With Him
Download Balance
Download Beautiful Agony
Download Beauty Lives In You
Download Being Here
Download Between Law And Love
Download Blue Skies Around
Download Broken and Beautiful
Download Buried Treasure
Download Can I Find You
Download Care So Much
Download Caroline
Download Changes Sometimes Hurt
Download Cheyenne Canyon
Download Choices
Download Christmas Time All Year
Download Closer To The Truth
Download Come As You Are Party
Download Conflict
Download Cracking The Shell
Download Dance On The Stars
Download Dance With Me
Download Dancing On The Moon
Download Deadline
Download Don't Say It Again
Download Dr Seuss Show Bartholomew And Eeple
Download Dr Seuss Show One Fish Two Fish Red Fish Blue Fish
Download Dr Seuss Show The Rhyming Game
Download End Of Life
Download Enough For Me
Download Every Day
Download Every Man's Dream
Download Eye Of The Beholder
Download Eyes Of A Child
Download Faces Of God
Download Fathers Day
Download Following Gravity
Download For Every Star
Download For Everyone, There Is Someone
Download For My Sake Alone
Download For You
Download Forever Never Comes
Download Forget The Past
Download Friend
Download From The Heart, Again
Download Funny World
Download Funny Year
Download Gabriel
Download Geometry
Download Glad To Know You
Download God Lives Here
Download God Was A Woman
Download Going Deeper
Download Going Downtown
Download Good Morning, I Love You
Download Greet This Life
Download Grownup's Lullaby
Download Having You To Miss
Download He's Got Plenty Of Time
Download Hear With Your Heart
Download Heartbeat
Download Heaven Is Right Here
Download Here He Sits
Download Hour
Download How Big Is Our Love
Download How Could I Have Doubted It
Download How Do I Change The World
Download How Do You Explain
Download How To Tell Her
Download I Am
Download I Am A Writer
Download I Am Alive
Download I Am Free
Download I Am Not A Machine
Download I Am Powerful On The Inside
Download I Can Make It
Download I Can't Get Enough
Download I Don't Know Why
Download I Don't Think
Download I Feel
Download I Fell In Love, Again
Download I Find One Step At A Time
Download I Forgive You
Download I Know There Is God
Download I Love Myself
Download I Missed You
Download I Need To Be The Change
Download I Smell Men
Download I Want (Seltzer)
Download I Was Free
Download I Was Wondering
Download I Will Be There
Download I Won't Charge You A Thing
Download I Wonder, Is She Smiling
Download I'd Rather Be A Fool
Download I'd Sure Like To Try
Download I'll Always Know You
Download I'll Fly
Download I'm Learning To Trust
Download I've Had A Dream
Download If I Didn't
Download If You Were Here
Download If You Were My Son
Download Inner Dreams
Download Inner Vision
Download Inside The Stone
Download Is Anybody There
Download Is It Just Me
Download Isn't It Beautiful Here
Download It Simply Wasn't Enough
Download It's A Good Day
Download It's A Prayer
Download It's A Wonderful Life
Download It's All Up To You
Download It's Only Time
Download John Doe
Download Johnny's Lament
Download Just Friends
Download Just This Moment
Download Kali
Download Laugh, Love, and Learn
Download Lavender Triangles
Download Leave Them Love
Download Let Go
Download Let Go With Me
Download Let It Go
Download Let My Heart Be Known
Download Let The Sunshine Fill You
Download Let's Pretend
Download Life Happened To Us
Download Light Of The Sun
Download Like A Tree
Download Listen
Download Live Wave Blues
Download Living A Dream
Download Living Free
Download Living In Harmony
Download Love Is Still Alive
Download Love Is The Only Answer
Download Love Yourself
Download Lunar Eclipse
Download Make It Real
Download Maybe You Love Me
Download Midwife
Download More Than I Am
Download More than enough
Download Mother Earth
Download Mother Moon
Download Murder Song
Download My Brain
Download My Mirror
Download Name Change
Download No Words, No Noodles
Download Nothing To Strike At
Download Number 36
Download On A Ball
Download On An Ordinary Day
Download On Purpose
Download One Way
Download Outer Shell
Download Palm Sunday
Download Patterns
Download Paula
Download Pocket Full Of Holes
Download Pushing Against The River
Download Reaching Out
Download Rejoice
Download Remember Who You Are
Download Reminding Myself
Download Renew Your Mind
Download Rhythm Of Life
Download Rose Petals Dropping
Download Running On Dreams
Download Same House
Download Sappy Tango
Download Sappy Tango Duet
Download Say Goodbye
Download See Me
Download Seeing Them Born
Download Serenity Is Mine
Download Silently
Download Simply Said
Download Simply Who You Are
Download Slip You In My Pocket
Download Slow Down
Download Slowly Falling
Download Something About You
Download Something Pink
Download Somewhere In The Middle
Download Song Of The Soul
Download Spirit Rain
Download Spring To Life
Download Standing Stones on guitar
Download Standing Stones on piano
Download Start With Some Sand
Download Sunflower
Download Sweet Release
Download Take The First Step
Download Tell Me Something
Download Thank You
Download The Beauty In Silence
Download The Cat And The Moon
Download The Empty Page
Download The Gravity Show Thank Goodness For Gravity
Download The Gravity Show The Gravity Song
Download The Last Song
Download The Mind Sweats, And Spirit Provides
Download The Path Of Your Dream on piano
Download The Path Of Your Dreams on guitar
Download The Real Me
Download The Rivers Flow On
Download The Seasons Change
Download The Truth
Download The Wind
Download The World Has Changed
Download The World Started Turning
Download Then You Came
Download There In My Valley
Download There Was A Dream
Download There's a River
Download These Are The Moments I Live For
Download These Words
Download These Words Have Lost Their Meaning
Download This I Know
Download This Is It
Download This Is the Time
Download This Moment
Download This Weight
Download Thoughts Have Power
Download Throw Out The Teaspoon
Download Throwing Dirt Upon Your Grave
Download Time Of Day
Download Time On My Hands
Download To Robert Bly
Download To Someone
Download Touching Eternity
Download Trappings
Download Trees
Download True Voice
Download Truth Speaking Softly
Download Turn Your Head Slowly
Download Two Hearts
Download Unfolding My Dreams
Download Waiting For Nothing
Download Waking Up My Dreams
Download Water And Bread
Download We All Live There
Download We Are God
Download We Become
Download We Hate Men
Download We're All A Little Crazy
Download We're Dancing
Download We're So Glad
Download We're The Same
Download We've Come So Far
Download What Do I Call You
Download What Does Christmas Mean To Me
Download What I Believe
Download What I Once Believed
Download What Is
Download When You Go
Download When You're Not Here
Download Where Have They Gone
Download Why Must I Be Different
Download With Me
Download Yes You Are
Download You Are
Download You Bloomed
Download You Have The Power
Download You Make Me Smile
Download You Move On
Download You See What You Want To
Download You See, My Love
Download You Were Here
Download Your Angel Voice Sings
Download Your Destiny