The Charles Sjolander Archive Project 2006

I started the Archive Project in 2006 as a way of recording all of the songs that I have written. No small task, given that I started writing songs and music about thirty years ago at the age of twelve. I have, at times, written as many as a song or two a week. Anyone who has done any music recording knows how many years it would take to record three or four hundred songs. A good average for full production of even fairly simple songs is roughly a song a month. You can see my predicament. Even if I were able to boost production up to two songs per month and stop writing new ones (highly unlikely) it would still take around ten to fifteen years to finish, and that's only if I didn't hit any snags. My solution to the problem was to make a quick recording of each song, spending the absolute minimum time possible on each song.

Boy, these are rough. In order to finish the project in a couple of years, most of these songs were recorded as a first take. Which means I sat down and played through the song once or twice to remember it, set the audio levels, and then pushed record. As long as I didn't mess up horribly during the song that was it. No dubbing, no splicing, no drums or backup singers. They are all recorded in real time accompanying myself on either piano or guitar. I have recorded a few of the songs on other albums both professionally and personally (for my family and friends) with various levels of production, but the Archive Project is the bare bones, stripped down version of each song.

If you enjoy listening to any of these songs that is simply wonderful. After carrying these songs around in notebooks all these years it is magical to see and hear them on the web site, where they can be shared with all of you. Personally, I have a hard time listening to a lot of them, because I know how great they could sound with full production and time spent polishing. If there is a song you believe is worth spending production time on, please use the contact link to give me feed-back, and I will take it into consideration when I am able to put together a new album.

My family has always been supportive of my writing, and for that they have my eternal gratitude. I would like to thank my mom Jacklyn for my first guitar, my brother Stephen for starting the web site, and a special thanks to my dad Peter for not only posting each song as I finish it, but also listening to each song and transcribing the lyrics for me, what a team.

Finally, thanks to all of you, who have shown an interest in a little known songwriter and his music.

Charles Sjolander.