Songs Help


When I click on the play link, I just get a text file of trash, what is wrong?
You need to have a plug-in, such as Quicktime, installed in your browser in
order to play a song by clicking on the link.

How can I download a file instead of playing it?
Right click on the link and choose Save Target As (if your browser is Internet
Explorer or Opera) or Save Link As (if your browser is Firefox) from the
context menu.  With some browsers you may have to change the extension on the
file to mp3.

Say again...
Right click on the link that says download file and select "Save Target
As...".  The file extension in the Save dialog may need to be changed from
"htm" to "mp3".  I just tried it with IE 7 and it worked fine. Jan. 2008

Once I have downloaded the MP3 file, how do I view thr Lyrics stored on it?
In the directory where you stored the MP3 file, right click on the MP3 file.
Then click on properties.
Then click on Summary.
Then click on Advanced if needed.
Then click just to the right of Lyrics.
(The above only works on some operating systems.  It appears to work on XP,
but not Windows 2000.)


I tried a download link from Windows Server 2003, Standard Edition SP2
(very much like Windows XP):
In Chrome the way I have it configured the song downloads
automatically and shows progress while it's doing it.  Spaces in name
come through.  Very nice.

In IE 6 it pops up a Save As dialog before it downloads and shows
progress while downloading.  Spaces come through.  Also very nice.

In Firefox 3.0.5 the way I have it configured it brings up the Save As
dialog and name is truncated at first space.  I typed the rest of the
name in and it showed progress while downloading.  In my opinion,
quite acceptable.

In Vista Ultimate:
I used IE 7.  It provides a Save As dialog with spaces in name
replaced by underscores.  I changed them back to spaces.  It shows
progress while downloading.  Again, in my opinion, quite acceptable.