Genre - Rock
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My Brain - Song Lyrics

My Brain - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander

My Brain

Written 1992

Verse 1:
my brain and I are going for a walk
let's meet with some trees and have a talk
the branches overhanging start to sway
my brain is quite confused
but I myself am quite amused
I don't care what people say

after years of day and night
you'd think I would get it right
and understand what's going on
but I don't use my head
I flow with the earth instead
and life keeps going on and on

Verse 2:
my brain and I are very different
sometimes I wonder where it went
it's OK I don't need to know
my brain goes traveling in dreams
through fantasies and quiet screams
it's time to sleep so I don't miss the show


Verse 3:
my brain has been with me all these years
waiting impatiently through trials and tears
of my feelings it's unconcerned
I give my brain thoughts to hold
it remembers all that I've been told
after all this time what has it learned