Genre - Pop
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You See, My Love - Song Lyrics

You See, My Love - Copyright 2011 Charles Sjolander

You See, My Love

Written 3-6-2014

Verse 1:
the way we fit is magic
a natural conversation
that flows so easily
we don't even have to say it
still I find myself
telling you every single day

you see my love
you notice all that I do
you see me my love
and I see you and I see you

Verse 2:
you speak to me with movement
a language spoken freely
between the two of us
we may only have a moment
but in that time we share something
truly wondrous


Verse 3:
when I look in your eyes
I see a love reflected
that everyone should know
and even now I feel surprised
when you see all the ways that
I let my love show


Verse 4:
I see you
I see you
I see you
I see you
like you see me too