Genre - Pop
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To Someone - Song Lyrics

To Someone - Copyright 2011 Charles Sjolander

To Someone

Written 1985

Verse 1:
if you're still awake at night
do you see that star
sparkling by the moon so bright
can you see it where you are
it's shining in the night time sky
a light for just we two
if I spread my wings and fly
will it lead me to you

on a night like this
my soul has to sing
the joy of all that is
and what the future may bring
there's someone I can't forget
who laughs with me in the sun
I may not even know them yet
but I'm singing to someone
but I'm singing to someone

Verse 2:
tonight I feel your presence here
growing closer still
suddenly I see you clear
from my window sill
I feel you growing inside
you're still far away
I'm left no place to hide
and nothing left to say

but I'm singing to someone