Genre - Pop
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This Weight - Song Lyrics

This Weight - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander

This Weight

Written 1991

Verse 1:
this weight I carry is full of old memories
I can't get rid of
I seem to keep them as if they were treasures
of unknown purpose
feather they fall and leaden they stay

this weight the world on my shoulders
this weight holding me down
this weight blocking my vision
it's time I put the weight down

Verse 2:
I hold my ballast inside like a lover
in case I forget it
I look with blinders
so I won't have to see it
though it fills my vision
blocking the pain I block away life


Verse 3:
I keep on pushing just like moving mountains
but my feet keep slipping
struggle is endless unless I wake up
I may push forever
better we are if ever we play


It's time I put the weight down