Genre - Pop
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Then You Came - Song Lyrics

Then You Came - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander

Then You Came

written 1991

Verse 1:
crying for some air
waiting for someone to care
looking for the sun standing in the rain
that day is done but I still feel the pain

then you came
and I healed and I wept
I took a path so long unkempt
we rode on a dream
on magical wings
you were there beside me
together we sing

Verse 2:
dreaming about you
hoping for a dream come true
someone to stand and face the darker me
to hold my hand together we'll face what we see


Verse 3:
standing at the abyss
falling out into bliss
I left it all like a worn out shell
I heard you call and thought I'd lost you as well