Genre - Pop
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Sweet Release - Song Lyrics

Sweet Release - Copyright 2008 Charles Sjolander

Sweet Release

Written 1987

Verse 1:
some feelings I hold very close to me
and they never heal
my heart can be so cold if I don't set free
all the love I feel
at times I feel such pain when I try to open wide
this door I hold so tight
I can push and strain but to really see inside
I must give up the fight

sweet release is what I feel when I'm with you love
sweet release still so much I could let go of
sweet release as simple as opening a door
sweet release allows me to love you that much more

Verse 2:
there is ever present path's which I could take
but I choose not to see
at times I resent all that is at stake
and pulls so subtly
still I often run from truth so clear and plain
but I always know
it's hardly ever fun I cry through the pain
but it's time to let go


allows me to love you that much more