Genre - Pop
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Running On Dreams - Song Lyrics

Running On Dreams - Copyright 2011 Charles Sjolander

Running On Dreams

Written 2012

Verse 1:

 Genre. If in doubt, it could just go in "Pop".

Running On Dreams

Written 11-1-2012

Verse 1:
watching your hips sway
I want to be right there in front of you
floating on the music
to move in time is all I can do
we move so smoothly
it's like we were meant to be right here
and now that I've felt it
the hunger inside has become quite clear

I'm running on dreams
I'm yearning for something I didn't even know
I'm running on dreams
the door has blown open now it won't close
I didn't know I was missing anything
just cruising along
thinking I had it all

Verse 2:
like falling love I've
been hit from the blind side, taken down
a sweet revelation
I feel my body pulled by sound
in some ways we're so close
out here dancing the night away
but you've got your own life
and just a few hours are all you can stay