Genre - Pop
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Nothing To Strike At - Song Lyrics

Nothing To Strike At - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander

Nothing To Strike At

Written 1990

Verse 1:
you've stolen the devil from my hands
by the time I named you, you were far away
the person who hit me is gone
and all that you've left me is a sad old man

I don't have anything to strike at
just a void that once was you
you act as if it was someone else
instead of me and you

Verse 2:
you don't remember what you did
well how do you think that makes me feel
I'm not important enough to you
even to acknowledge that it was real


Verse 3:
it's a little game you play
I turn to fight and there's no one there
you strike and then drift away
and then you're puzzled by my despair


Verse 4:
I'm so damn tired of this
trying to explain what you won't see
trying to open your eyes
when you're just trying to keep them closed


me and you