Genre - Pop
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Living A Dream - Song Lyrics

Living A Dream - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander

Living A Dream

Written 1991

Verse 1:
in desolation I used to walk hearing no freedom we used to talk
seeing little hope I carried on learning to cope with where I had gone
we turned the corner side by side pushed by the wonder of dreams kept inside
I went to links I never knew living the strenght my trust in you

Now I'm living a dream this is something I've always wanted to do
I'm living a dream fanticsies and feirytales sometimes come true
sometimes I look at it as nothing new I'm living a dream
it's a part of me but also a part of you
I'm living a dream

Verse 2:
quiet times I spend a dream becoming real
I need to mend the fear I feel
I feel the power when I give myself room
just like a flower I start to bloom

I'm living a dream
I'm living a dream