Genre - Pop
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Life Happened To Us - Song Lyrics

Life Happened To Us - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander
Life Happened To Us

Written 1998

Verse 1:
she's older now though childish it seems
I remember how she was the girl of my dreams
those dreams have grown though some have died
if we had known would we still have tried

life happened to us as it often does
and the pictures fade into what once was
we played simple games your hand in mine
whispered names from a distant time

Verse 2:
I start at the end with a man I know
he was my best friend but that was long ago
I remember him like a familiar song 
when the light is dim and the night is long


Verse 3:
the cast has changed through the years I write
but the soul remained safe but out of sight
I venture here in the distant past 
sometimes you appear but only the smile will last