Genre - Pop
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Let Go - Song Lyrics

Let Go - Copyright 2008 Charles Sjolander

Let Go

Written 1987

Verse 1:
I get home from work and change my clothes
I get a little smirk from the shirt that I choose
it's one of those shirts that never dies
every time I wear it another fashion designer cries
they'll never recreate this shirt no matter how hard they try

the natural reaction to something you love
is to keep it out of action and cover it like a glove
save it from the sting and never let it show
but if you really love something let it go let it go

Verse 2:
I get into my car and go for a ride
I don't have to go far before I decide
a smooth running car with a radio
and it doesn't really matter where you go
it's a good thing too 'cause where I'm going I don't always know


Verse 3:
I sit at my piano and feel the music pour
you ask me how I don't know I don't think much about it any more
music is something that I set free
I don't even think it's inside of me
unlike this body music will play eternally

let it go
let it go
let it go
let it go