Genre - Pop
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It's Only Time - Song Lyrics

It's Only Time - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander

It's Only Time

written 1992

Verse 1:
it's only time why do I give it so much power
to control my life every second every hour
it's time to change there's so much more that I could see
if I'd just let go of the time slipping away from me

time spent time went flying away
time goes who knows what is a day
times change time slows time stands still
it's all in your perception after all it's only time

Verse 2:
it's only time why do we try to slow it down
to keep from ageing in our memories we will drown
it's just a symbol to mark the passing of an hour
a celebration of our passage 'round a star


Verse 3:
it's only time why do we let it rule our lives
in the scheme of things only a earth and air survives
time heals all wounds as long as we do not add more
a ship of fools sailing to an endless shore