Genre - Pop
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Inner Dreams - Song Lyrics

Inner Dreams - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander

Inner Dreams

Written 1993

Verse 1:
A hero has died
but the vision remains
untouched by the ravages of time
but now drenched with a crimson stain
we all have wept
for the passing of a spirit brightly shining
with loving arms we kept
the dream from dying

we all are the same
beyond the color of our skin
when will we begin
to share the inner dreams
we all want the truth
we all share this place
lets walk with grace
and share the inner dreams
share the inner dreams

Verse 2:
we all turn away
maybe just once in a while
content to sit on the outside and watch the play
while we shake our heads and smile
for truth is sometimes hard
integrity a chore
but here is where we must start
to do a little more


the inner dream is a dream of peace
worldwide and everlasting
not forced upon by outer things
but coming from within
coming from within

Verse 1.