Genre - Pop
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If You Were My Son - Song Lyrics

If You Were My Son - Copyright 2011 Charles Sjolander

If You Were My Son

Written 1998

Verse 1:
Years I have seen
days without end it seems.
Why do I work hard
if there's no one to teach.
All of this to
someone like you
if only you were my son.

Verse 2:
My wife used to smile
in a way that made it all worth while.
Now there's an emptiness
I cannot fill.
And never will
years gone and still
I miss the way she smiled.


I'm getting old I can see my life ending
But what will happen to all that I have made.
Will it continue and shine with new glory
Or will it turn to dust and slowly fade.

Verse 3:
If you were my son
Oh how proud I would be.
I'd teach you and share with you
all that I know.
watching you grow
to let the reigns go
If only I
had a son
like you.