Genre - Pop
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If You Were Here - Song Lyrics

If You Were Here - Copyright 2008 Charles Sjolander

If You Were Here

Written 1986

Verse 1:
it's a beautiful night
it's cold outside
but warm is the fire
every thing's right
to follow the tide
of love reaching higher
the shadows dance
as the flames leap
and then disappear
filled with romance
we'd drift to sleep
if you were here

if you were here we'd throw away
the troubles born of yesterday
and relive all the memories we hold dear
if you were here we'd laugh about
the things we've never figured out
and cry 'til our eyes became clear
if you were here
if you were here

Verse 2:
it's a beautiful morn
the light's just now peeking
over the rise
darkness is torn
as sun rays are streaking
across blue skies
the world's just begun
everything I see
before me is clear
I rise with the sun
my heart would be free
if you were here