Genre - Pop
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I'll Always Know You - Song Lyrics

I'll Always Know You - Copyright 2008 Charles Sjolander

I'll Always Know You

Written 1988

Verse 1:
as I see you now today
time seems to lose its track
I think of places we used to play
memories come flooding back
a new life now will start
and leave I know you must
and though it hurts my heart
this process we can trust

no matter how much you grow
I'll always love you
though far away you may go
I'll always think of you
lessons we will pass through
who knows where our future lies
I'll always know you
when I look in your eyes

Verse 2:
as one life starts another ends
and you might feel afraid
but trust in your family and friends
to be with you as each step is made
I remember feeling distant
far away in time and space
but now I feel this instant
what time will not erase


when I look in your eyes