Genre - Pop
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I Missed You - Song Lyrics

I Missed You - Copyright 2008 Charles Sjolander

I Missed You

Written 1987

Verse 1:
have you ever paused
completely by surprise
and wondered what caused
a thought to materialize
that's what happened
just a few nights ago
as if the door was opened
and my heart let go

I missed you and I couldn't wait
for this day to come
I made it through but in a terrible state
my heart beating like a drum
I missed you with my body and soul
I needed to feel your touch
I made it through but not quite whole
I still need you so much

Verse 2:
another day slips
away into the past
without the touch of your lips
oh how will I last
the hours seem longer
the anguish is slow
if it gets much stronger
well I don't know