Genre - Pop
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I Don't Know Why - Song Lyrics

I Don't Know Why - Copyright 2008 Charles Sjolander

I Don't Know Why

Written 6-28-2008

Verse 1:
morning light hazy
birds going crazy
five AM early dawn
I should be sleeping
but my thoughts are creeping
closer to the fact that you are gone
I should be tragic
but the morning is magic
quiet filling every sound
birds have a conference
out on the back fence
asking me why you're not around

starting so peaceful
without all the people
I know later on I'll cry
but right now I'm OK
greeting the new day
and I don't know why 
I don't know why

Verse 2:
I peek in the kids room
paper and clothing strewn
but there on the pillow an angels face
something about him
makes things not so grim
a simple touch of grace


Verse 3:
I should be sorrow I should be pain
it doesn't make sense that I'm feeling OK
I should be hungry for somebodies kiss
terrified by all that I will miss