Genre - Pop
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Grownup's Lullaby - Song Lyrics

Grownup's Lullaby - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander

Grownup's Lullaby

written 1992

Verse 1:
my workday is over now I can laugh and cry
let go of worries feel the wonder of a grownup's lullaby
if your worries come to get you
twirl around and let them fly
everything will flow through in a grownup's lullaby

sleep well and do not worry
tomorrow will be fine
dream well dream well and let them all come true
tomorrow the sun will shine

Verse 2:
and when the day is done to the sun we say good bye
blow a kiss to everyone as a grownup's lullaby
sometimes simple things bring a tear to my eye
listen while my child sings a grownup's lullaby


Verse 3:
when your days goes bad and you lose the strength to try
remember the dreams you've had and the grownup's lullaby
when your day keeps getting worse on this you can rely 
just sing another verse of the grownup's lullaby