Genre - Pop
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Forget The Past - Song Lyrics

Forget The Past - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander

Forget The Past

Written 1990

Verse 1:
every time we argued I lost
I never learned how to say no
accepting you no matter what the cost
I carry it with me though you don't know

you want me to forget the past
but I can't it's all too real
you want me to forgive you
but I can't you've hurt me too many times

Verse 2:
you say you want both of us to win
some things don't work out that way
I hardly know where to begin
saying all I need to say


Verse 3:
they say time heals all wounds
but it also hides many more
some lessons I forget too soon
and take the path I took before


It's true I love you but then again
love doesn't solve everything
maybe someday I'll feel you are a friend
and pain will disappear from what I sing