Genre - Pop
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Don't Say It Again - Song Lyrics

Don't Say It Again - Copyright 2011 Charles Sjolander

Don't Say It Again

Written 1985

Verse 1:
she came in the door
sat in her chair
eyes on the floor
something in the air
I knew far ahead
this was the end
and then she said
I've got a new friend

don't say it again
once was far too much
don't say it again
I already miss your touch
don't say it again
you've hurt me quite enough
don't say it again
it's only love
it's only love
it's only love
it's only love

Verse 2:
she keep saying 
I'm sorry my love
I started praying 
for help from above
I didn't want to hear 
about how they met
it started with a tear 
then the words I can't forget


Verse 3:
she kept hoping 
that I'd understand
I was actually coping 
'till she took my hand
she was so near 
said she wanted to stay
she made it clear 
she had more to say