Genre - Pop
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Can I Find You - Song Lyrics

Can I Find You - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander
Can I Find You

Written 1999

Verse 1:
he turns away he never looks at my eyes
a glimpse of grayish blue as he passes by
one of those men who never learned to cry
his face is blank like looking at a wall
a walking shell but is that really all
there must be something more if only he'd recall

if I find the door if I look inside would I find you
are you hiding out or hiding in can I find you
there must be more than what I see can you find me

Verse 2:
she looks at me through eyes of pain
sometimes I wonder how she remains
does she ever see the sun standing in her rain
I talk with her and feel compassion 
if I were in her shoes to me this could happen
as if there's a rhyme or at least a reason


Verse 3:
he looked so normal when he smiled
but under the surface he liked to be wild
pushing at the world shoving like a child
I dance with him and it's sometimes fun
but most of the time he makes me want to run
still it's hard for me to say just what it is he's done


can you find me