Genre - Pop
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Between Law And Love - Song Lyrics

Between Law And Love - Copyright 2008 Charles Sjolander

Between Law And Love

Written 1986

Verse 1:
my God what can I do
caught between rock and stone
I should probably leave you
and face the world alone
but darling you're the best I've found
that's a truth I just can't hide
and the way we have to sneak around
is tearing me up inside

trapped between law and love
we're always saying follow your heart
but that's what I was thinking of
every day from the start
trapped between love and law
it's so damn complicated
and though my heart you've helped to thaw
it's a mess that we've created

Verse 2:
the law is very clear
in cases such as this
but it doesn't matter when you're here
awaiting your first kiss
my strength is almost spent
struggling with this twist of fate
I ache for things to be different
I was simply born too late


Verse 3:
you belong to another
why does that seem so strange
you're a wife and a mother
that's something I just can't change
we meet somewhere in between
what other people plan
I should break away clean
but I don't know if I can