Genre - New Age
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Your Angel Voice Sings - Song Lyrics

Your Angel Voice Sings - Copyright 2008 Charles Sjolander

Your Angel Voice Sings

Written 1987

Verse 1:
my imagination flies
over mountain ranges
while piercing the skies
my body changes
I am nothing but light
my energy is pure
and though passing from sight
my footing is sure

come with me
fly with me
laugh with me
cry with me
experience and truly live
like an angel with wings
come with me
dance with me
safe with me
chance with me
your heart needs to give
as your angel voice sings

Verse 2:
this body is a vibration
held together by thought
it's a magical relation
between seeker and sought
truth is easily found
you have but to glance
at the world all around
to see nothing is chance