Genre - New Age
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Yes You Are - Song Lyrics

Yes You Are - Copyright 2009 Charles Sjolander

Yes You Are

Written 4-11-2009

Verse 1:
the mystery of broken love haunts me
pain is curled up there in the corner
gone is the time when the answers were easy
the old me can go no further

when your world blows to pieces, and you remain 
you can change your ways
be love, be grateful because you are
a phoenix rising from the ashes
you are wanted, you are needed, yes you are
yes you are

Verse 2:
the things I say I want are put on hold
until some far off indefinite future
hiding the need doesn't work we all should know
it's time to stand and claim my treasure


Verse 3:
some days I feel so old and tired
where has the body of my childhood gone to
going through the motions uninspired
leave your baggage and create you

yes you are
yes you are