Genre - New Age
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We Become - Song Lyrics

We Become - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander
We Become

Written 1993

Verse 1:
It's hard to dream to keep you vision forward
when life seems unchanging or maybe even going backward
it's a simple word despair describing inner anguish
it's hard to breath from there or whispered just a single wish

but when we dream we change the world
we open up the pathways of the universe
when we strive to understand who we are and who we will become
we become

Verse 2:
it's hard to dream when the days are so hard
and nights an endless stream of all the things you never start
it's a vicious circle of searching and not finding
clinging to other people because the future's light is blinding


Verse 3:
it's hard to dream when you think you're doomed to failure
and each unfinished scheme only makes your sentence that more sure
the chains that bind you are of your own making
look beyond what you believe is true and you may hear the shackles breaking


we become
we become
we become