Genre - New Age
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We Are God - Song Lyrics

We Are God - Copyright 2009 Charles Sjolander

We Are God

Written 1986

Verse 1:
when I feel separated, and alone
my lessons seem inflated, and overgrown
that's when I pause, and stop looking around
and smile because, the answer is found

Refrain 1:
I am love
I am light
I am God
I am strength
I am truth
I am God

Verse 2:
at one time or another, we all hear
that we needn't even bother, cause it's clear
they say it's too far, the goal 's out of reach
just remember who you are, and what we teach

Refrain 2:
you are love
you are light
you are God
you are strength
you are truth
you are God

Verse 3:
at times it may seem, we're very small
that in the grand scheme, we matter not at all
but every light that shines, appearing lost in the night
with other souls entwines, to set the world alight

Refrain 3:
we are love
we are light
we are God
we are strength
we are truth
we are God

I am love
I am light
I am God