Genre - New Age
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Water And Bread - Song Lyrics

Water And Bread - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander
Water And Bread

Written 5-19-01

Verse 1:
even thru my darkest days and all the little ways we struggle on
I've played the clown I've fallen down but there's something I rely upon
I rely upon

a power a feeling a knowing beyond the knowing of my head
it is water and bread in the deserts of my life

Verse 2:
even thru my darkest hours and all the petty powers that push at me
I've played the fool doubting every rule but there is something I feel guiding me
guiding me


Verse 3:
even thru the stormy times when I cannot find the rhymes or reasons why
I am often upset and sometimes forget that there's a source on which I can rely
I can rely