Genre - New Age
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True Voice - Song Lyrics

True Voice - Copyright 2006 Charles Sjolander

True Voice

Written 1994

Verse 1:
at times my writing feels like just pretty little phrases
with rhymes that so conveniently bind words to other words
my mind continues pushing while my heart is silent

but the true voice needs no embellishing
it stands alone in touch with everything
the true heart sings loudly without fear
a beacon or a vision that anyone can hear

Verse 2:
the pen glides swiftly through another broken sentence
blind and deaf I'm searching for the perfect thing to say
pen scratching onward straying further from the truth


Verse 3:
sometimes it's hard to tell if what I write is beauty
or a glossed over entanglement wrought by a desperate mind
that's when I have to let go and simply let it be